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What if… I’ve put on 20 lbs?

You know what, I’m good for 20 pounds just in posing! I will shape you and move your body down to the last finger!

What if… I’m not photogenic?

there is no such thing as being photogenic. when people really light up in front of the camera it’s becuase they feel comfortable. thats what i do! that’s my job! your job is to not be photogenic. my job is to photograph you in the most beautiful way i can. you have to trust that i can see it.

What if… I’m afraid of getting in front of the camera?

You know when you’re most afraid of doing something it’s pretty exciting to challenge yourself to do it. i challenge you to sit in front of my camera. i challenge you to give me the opportunity to see what i can see, but more importantly i want to show you what other people see when they look at you. (and you know what… if you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them.) is that a challenge you’re prepared to take?


i invite you to a session with me. it will change the way you see yourself.


luxury portrait sessions include


Hello there! I’m Ashley, and I’m a Portrait Photographer. Portrait photography has changed so much now. It has become more Vanity Fair style than the old style of portrait sitting. It’s more now like a full magazine experience. Hair & makeup, styled clothes, absolutely incredible however you want to be photographed.

When was the last time you were professionally photographed? When was the last time you were photographed with your children properly? How do you dream of being photographed?

What I do is, people come in the studio for their consultation (or over the phone) and I make the shoot they dream of. So whatever it is your can think of, that’s what I create for you!


I have a professional makeup artist on staff that can style your hair and makeup. You get to bring in 5 outfits for the shoot. We help you style those. And if you do not have 5 in the consultation we can help you rent or buy. We even make and design gowns for the shoot, as well as have a full studio wardrobe at your disposal. I craft. I make headpieces.

You can do this session with your best friend. You can have a girl’s day out with champagne. You can do this with your husband or partner. You can do this with your kids. You can have a girl’s day where we create an incredible shoot for the girls where the boys show up at the end. You can do this with your Mom. 3 Generations. 4 Generations. What a blessing that is!

Really the shoot that you create is such an incredible experience, that you can do this as a full day. So I have a team of hair and makeup artist on board that can take you to whatever level of glam that you want to be and all of you can share this as an incredibly fun day. The best part… you can go out that night and paint the town red, because you’re all going to have your hair and makeup done and you’re all going to look and feel fabulous!


You'll come back to the studio where you will be presented with your professionally edited portraits displayed in crisp white matts on my gallery wall for you to view. From there you get to choose which images you’d like to fill up in your folio box. My job is to take the most beautiful images you’ve ever seen of yourself, so you want them all!