JORDAN (and cash)

When I first met Jordan I couldn’t contain my excitement. I have been looking for YEARS for someone with two different colored eyes to get in front of my camera. I love how we are made so unique, and Jordan is no exception. Her gorgeous eyes might be the first thing you notice upon meeting her, but soon after you’ll find out just how hard working she is in nursing school.

Jordan came into the studio after a nursing test (see…. told you she’s hard working!) and rocked some amazing looks. We did a Calvin Klein look that became both of our favorites.


I get a little silly during sessions to make sure to capture the best smiles. I may be guilty of fake laughing really loud so you feel less silly when I ask for a big gorgeous smile. Shortly after the fake laugh comes the deep belly laughs from us laughing with each other. I like to think this photos shows just how much fun you can have at your very own session ;)

The image with the fur reminds me of an old painting. A breathtaking and bold photo that would have been hung above a fireplace and used to tell stories for generations to come. (Every now and then it’s fun to go a little out of the box and capture something thats from another time… creating makes my heart so happy and Jordan was the perfect model for such a look!)


Last, but not least, in came Cash! This little pup is one of my favorites! He’s so full of energy and has one BIG personality. He was so good smiling at the camera, you’d think he was a pro!


When cash wasn’t running in circles in the studio sniffing everything in sight, he was loving on his momma with kisses or looking up with those big puppy eyes waiting for the bribery of a treat to come. (seriously I can’t even handle those puppy eyes!!!)


Jordan, you were such a joy to photograph, and remember… I’m available to puppy sit anytime! hehe

Ashley Nicole KellyComment