Worthy Women Project: Becca Pike

“The WORTHY WOMEN PROJECT aims to ignite strength in ALL women by sharing their stories. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!”

– Ashley Nicole

What do you remember learning about beauty from a young age? What impacted you the most that you’ve carried with you into adulthood (positive or negative)? 

I was taught that it was important to dress a certain way but never was explained as to why. ‘We must wear nice clothes to church. We must wear this type of clothes to school. Your sweater can’t be that big. Your shorts shouldn’t be that baggy.’  What impacted me the most was that no one could really explain to me why these rules were set. When I questioned these standards, no one seemed to have answers for me, and I remember being a young girl and finding this odd. The answers always seemed to fall in line with, ‘this is just the way it is.’

Tell me your story! What life experiences have made you who you are today? 

I learned a lot by always being curious. I remember not understanding the WHY behind what I was being told about beauty. And to this day, when someone can’t give me a good reason behind a request I still rebel. So, I rebelled. A certain conformality was pushed on me from a young age to dress a certain way. “More girly.” “More pretty” was taught to me so I became the opposite. I became weirder, wilder, and different with every year that passed. I have been through phases when it comes to beauty and what I think is beautiful. I had stages in my life of large muscles, long hair, short hair, tattoos, ‘boy’ clothes, corn roles, etc. To this day, I still find beauty in things that aren’t the social norm. I LOVE celebrating all types of beauty. Big, little, medium, black, white, brown, gray. Beauty is in the contrast of humans. My curiosity has made me who I am today. Curiosity brings education. Education, especially non-formal self-education, opens doors.

What is your definition of beauty? 

Beauty is the measuring of pleasure to the eye, and I believe if we stripped away societal pressures to conform to a beauty standard, we could all agree beauty is ever changing and evolving but almost always lies in uniqueness.  Beauty is art. Beauty is in contrast to what our brains find bland. That is why true beauty can’t be trained to us by a culture.

Do you think you are beautiful? 


What is your favorite NON physical feature about yourself? (After all, beauty is a light in the heart!) 

The most beautiful thing about me is my deep curiosity and love for all kinds of humans. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with gratitude for different types and cultures of people when just walking down the street. I know it sounds crazy, but I have been known to cry in a crowded place because I am over taken with awareness for how different, yet the same we all are. It ignites so much love in my heart. Humans are one large tribe.

What words of wisdom, based on your personal experience, would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own beauty? 

Your thoughts about yourself can change with practice. Thoughts are malleable and once you learn how to replace un-serving thoughts with new ones, you will become the master of your universe. It takes practice and consistency, but I have successfully grown to love every aspect of myself through self-coaching and awareness of the things I tell myself, and have taught many other women how to do the same.

Why are beautiful photos important for you right now? 

I want to remember every chapter of my life. Photos are the coolest way to capture a time that we will one day feel so detached from. They’re also great for business, and as a female leader, a good photo is priceless.

How does being the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful? 

Self-trust. I have learned to trust my intuition. The female intuition is one of the most powerful forces on Earth, and we have been raised to not trust such a ‘woo-woo’ non-tangible energy. In our Western society, we have been taught to think using stats, facts, and analysis. I am powerful because I believe in my gut feelings and follow them with a trust and a bond that can’t be seen.

“Get weird.”

Becca Pike

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