Worthy Women Project

The Worthy Women Project started as an idea of empowering women by sharing their stories.

God quickly grew the vision to have a far greater impact than I ever could have imagined or done in my own strength. The projected turned into a black tie gala art exhibit that would be the launch party for the Worthy Women Magazine (Vol.1). 

My prayer is that this Worthy Women Project speaks to every woman’s heart and shows them that they are beautiful, they are enough, and that they are loved by God.

Worthy Women Magazine 

Volume 1

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Christen Allen | Ami Bailey | Erin Bayer | Amanda Black | Betsy Campbell | Robin Cline | Emily Conley | Danielle Day | Rachel Elam | Amanda Fiefhaus | Penelope Ford | Aimee Fulks | Lori Gresham | Alisa Hughes | Serena Hughes | Kim Huynh | Karen Jewell | Cassandre Joelle | Alayna Johnson | Hannah Johnson | Martha Labrada | Melissa Landon | Meredith Lane | Madeline McGuire | Kelsey Messinger | Ashley Oldham | Rupal Patel | Becca Pike | Jennifer Quillen | Tina Rogers | Katie Sisk | Olivia Smith | Lindsay Hughes Thurston | Liz Toombs | Priscilla Whitehouse | Jess Wolter | Alanna Zow

Worthy Women Gala (Recap)

April 8, 2022 @ Brevede Coffee Co.